Kazantip Republic: Basic Facts for New Citizens

Not sure how to get to Kazantip? If you are coming to enjoy the great dance party atmosphere of Kazantip for the first time and are worried you might get lost in a foreign country, all you need to do is get yourself to the capital of Crimea, Simferopol and then catch a bus or taxi to Popovka, the seashore resort town where the Kazantip Republic takes place.

The Orange Republic of Kazantip offers:

Kazantip has a Constitution, viZa and customs offices and each year a song is chosen be the anthem for the project. One article states that you have to believe in miracles and who wouldn't in this wonderful Utopian society that just appears every year. Several items are protected by law and these include the sun, beach, palms, sea, sky and the girls. Freaks are a national treasure so take the chance and dress up in the craziest costumes you and your friends can find. The national food here is roasted pumpkin seeds and the always delicious corn on the cob and kite surfing is the national sport. State fetishes to be followed include a Republican viZa; Z is representative of the republic of Kazantip, a yellow suitcase complete with chrome corners and the republicans live by the following mantras:

One great thing about the Republic is the "fast marriages" that can occur as sexual promiscuity is not welcomed but love is fine with everyone.

There is no discrimination allowed here as the Republic is for everyone.

The multi-pass viZa grants you access to Kazantip for the entire duration of the party or you can get one-time viZa for just one day to see what life in the Republic is all about. If you own one of the yellow suitcases, entry is free and you won't need a viZa. The multi-pass viZa is around € 160 and a day pass viZa is € 60 and this takes the place of a ticket.

The Internet is available at the cyber cafes in the Republic, so you can show your friends what a great time they are missing and be sure to come with you next year.

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