Can you purchase a ticket for KaZantip for me?

Nobody can purchase a viZa (which the name of the Kazantip ticket) for you. Only you can do that for yourself. First, visit the official web-site of Kazantip and fill out the pre-registration form available here. In a short while you will receive a notification of your application status sent by e-mail. If your application meets the necessary criteria, it gets approved and then you are allowed to purchase your viZa, which can be done upon your arrival at KaZantip - fast, easily and hassle-free. Each time you enter Kazantip, the terminal scans the bar code of your viZa and your photo comes up on the screen. The viZas are personal and no one is allowed to use your viZa except you.

Are viZas for Kazantip 2013 available yet?

[Jake, the UK, 7 Jan 2013]

It's a little too early. The online pre-registration is expected to begin in March-April 2013, like it was in the previous years.

I am african american and I was wondering if it would be okay to visit Kazantip and if I would have to worry about my safety or anything like that?

[Charlie, the US, 9 Jan 2013]

Actually people from all over the word come to Kazantip! It's such a diverse international crowd! There is no any prejudice towards foreigners at Kazantip, regardless of the color of your skin or your ethnic background... Last year there were guys from the US, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Southern Africa, Turkey, Arab Emirates, Lebanon... these are just a few to mention. You don't need to worry about your safety, really! - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED