Tickets, viZas... One Of A Kind Access Pass To KaZantip

When you visit KaZantip, a special one of a kind access pass is required. This magic pass allows you to be a 'KaZantip' confirmed resident. In fact it is a sort of plastic ticket and at the same time your personal ID at KaZantip, which has a special name here: viZa. Are you wondering where you can get this kind of appreciation? Actually it is a 2-step process: First, you need to go through pre-registration online. In the past registration on arrival was a common practice. Since 2011 the registration in person done on arrival has been replaced with the online pre-registration, and it is a mandatory procedure now. The pre-registration form is available on the official web-site of KaZantip. Fill out that form and attach a digital photo of you. Once your application is processed and approved, you receive a formal notification sent by e-mail and then all you need to do is to purchase your viZa from the viZa Department upon your arrival here. Each viZa is accompanied with a unique serial number, it is your personal ID while at Kazantip, not transferable to anyone and you would need to flash this tag on a machine that confirms your identity every time upon entering KaZantip.

There are two types of viZas available: one-time and multi pass ones. The cost depends, too. In rare cases when people want to attend KaZantip once only, the one-time viZa would work well. However if you plan to stay at KaZantip for a while and would like to use your pass during all your stay, consider purchasing the multi pass viZa. If you take up the multi pass viZa, you would be saving pretty much money as it costs only twice more than the one-time viZa (appr. $200 vs. $100), while it lets you enter KaZantip multiple times. In other words, it gives you unlimited access. Should you hesitate which viZa to choose, don't worry. There are always people around who would be happy to help you with any enquiries you have.

Once you have flashed your certificate, keep your belongings safe and ITS TIME TO PARTY. Imagine what you will experience when all the formalities are sorted out. You could meet a new love interest, you could party all night long, make new friends and so much more. In other words, there will be no worries for one whole month. Why are you even thinking twice?

NOTE: viZa has nothing to do with viSa. The latter is an indication that a person is authorized to enter the territory for which it was issued. For lucky holders of passports issued by the US, Canada, EU countries, Switzerland, Norway and Japan, no visa is required to enter Ukraine if the period of their stay does not exceed 90 days. Others would have to apply to the Consulate of Ukraine in their home countries to get the Ukrainian visa first. Keeping in mind that the application process may take a while. Apply for your visa well in advance, so that any last minute hassles are avoided and your KaZantip adventure is guaranteed! - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED