Where to stay when you visit Kazantip

There are a few places where you can stay when visiting Kazantip and these are Popovka, Mirnyi and Kosa. It is important to make a reservation early enough and secure your booking well in advance of your holiday as all of the places fill up quickly and then prices are ridiculously expensive as time gets closer to August. In fact, the sooner you book, the more you save, plus there is a wider choice of options to choose among. Some of the revellers just laze on the beach during the day and party all night but this does not work for everybody and you need to be in good health to survive without a bed, shower and any comfort.


This village is the closest one to Kazantip. In fact, Kazantip occupies the beach of Popovka. The village has a total of 5 streets so it's really small but its population explodes once a year in the month of August when Kazantip is on. Depending on where you stay in Popovka, it will take you from 5 to 20 minutes to walk from your guesthouse or hotel to Kazantip. Actually, you can cross the whole village in 20 minutes or less. Many of the private houses in Popovka hire rooms out and prices vary depending on the comfort and amenities they provide: from $50 to $150 for a room. There are also a few small hotels offering rooms and the village has a few grocery stores, local cafes and fruit shops where you replenish the energy used up with partying.


This town is about a 40-50 minute walk from Kazantip and it has several apartment buildings where you can rent an apartment. If you are too tired to walk back and forth, there are local taxis that can take you back for a well earned rest. There are also local shops and fruit and vegetable markets here. If you get to Kazantip by bus, bear in mind that the bus stand is in the centre of Mirnyi and you will need to get off there and walk then or catch a cab.


This word is Russian and means foreland and it is a narrow strip of sand embankments between the sea and lake behind it. It separates the Donuzlav Lake from the sea and is about a 15 minute drive away. This is a great place to chill out away from the music and to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet before your next foray to the Republic of Kazantip. This area is filled with villas available for rent but you need a vehicle to get to it. Kosa may be worth considering if you are going to come with a car or hire a car here. You will need to book through a travel agent to stay here as most property owners do not speak any other languages but Russian or Ukrainian. Although there are many more great places to stay in Crimea, these three are the closest locations to Kazantip.

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