Popovka [49° 7' 0" North, 38° 24' 0" East]

The Hometown of The KaZantip Festival

KaZantip Festival occupies the outskirts of a small, picturesque, seaside town called Popovka, which is located on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine. Popovka is also spelt as Popivka on maps. The difference in spelling of the name reflects a difference in pronunciation in Russian (Popovka) and Ukrainian (Popivka) languages. The Russian version is more common. The Crimean peninsula is connected to the main land by a five to seven kilometer wide isthmus. Besides being known for it's fabulous beaches, it is also known for it's impressive mountain ridges, lush green landscapes, magnificent waterfalls, a healing mud volcano and of course; being home to the KaZantip festival.

Except for the four weeks in which the whole town comes to life for the KaZantip Festival, Popovka is an otherwise sleepy European village that attracts diehard sun worshipers and a few health nuts. The Crimean peninsula is known for having wide, long, clean, beautiful sandy beaches and Popovka is no different. Once you see your first sunset over the Black Sea and it's crystal clear waters, you'll never want to leave and return back to reality ever again.

Hotels and guest houses are located throughout Popovka and most of them are only about a ten-minute walk to the kaZantip Festival. All roads in town lead to the beach and the festival so you can explore the neighborhood and get around on foot. It is totally safe to walk around at all times of the day and night, just beware of your surroundings and don't do anything too stupid, but even if you pass out in the street you really have nothing to worry about.

The capital city of Crimean is Simferopol, and this is where the closest airport to Popovka is located. It takes about two hours to drive form the airport to Popovka by car. You can choose to rent a car, hire a taxi, arrange a transfer through your hotel or take public transport from the Simferopol train & bus station. Be prepared to pay about $70 for a taxi and although public transport (bus or train) costs less, it will take you at least three hours.


During the time of the kaZantip festival the average temperature in Popovka is approximately 30-35 °C (85-95 °F) during the day, although the weather is hot, it's actually quite dry and not too humid due to the wonderful breeze that comes in off the sea. Although the temperature cools down some at night to about 20°C (70°F) that is really when the kaZantip parties really start to heat up.


Since ancient times Crimea drew people because of it's natural beauty and was known as being a people place, so having the kaZantip festival here just makes sense. If Greek Gods wanted to come and enjoy such a wonderful place, you should too. In fact, there are even some ruins and fortress that allow you a glimpse into the past if you choose to get off the beaten track and care to find them.

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