Kazantip: General Information and Facts

What is it?

On the basic level kaZantip is a 60'000 square meter, self-contained resort on the beautiful Black Sea beach which is located on the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine. It is a vast complex that includes ten uniquely designed dance floors, fifteen bars and lounges as well as three restaurants. Set by the sea it is a 24 hours a day, day and night festival that was created to allow you to dance, party and have fun outdoors, over 4 weeks from the end of July until the end of August. It is known to have over 150'000 people come together at this party to play, dance, relax and meet new friends, all while enjoying music from the turntables of the most renowned DJs in the world. kaZantip is simply a must for everyone in this world who wants to summer holiday in paradise on Earth.

Quick History

kaZantip is not just a festival as some people mistakenly call it but a republic. This republic first started as an independent event in 1992. The origins of the kaZantip republic are to be found in an annual surfing contest that each year always ended with a big party. Year after year it developed and expanded to become an ever bigger and lengthier event. Today it is the biggest techno, trance and house event in the world and lasts 4 weeks each summer!

The Republic of kaZantip

kaZantip is a self-contained 'republic' and can only be entered and exited through one gate. It has its own government leaded by the President (organizer), its own foreign ministry (communication with the imperfect world outside) with its own ministers (ministers of happiness, dance and rave, intellect, visuals and illusions etc.) and laws. To enter this republic you need a ticket known as a 'multipass' or 'viza': the entrance ticket covers only one person, is valid for the entire length of the event and makes you a citizen of the kaZantip republic. To apply for your viza you must present your passport to the front offices of kaZantip. Once a citizen you must follow all rules or you may be asked to leave. 1-day passes are available at the door but who goes for just one day?

* Opening and Closing Ceremonies - The dates of these ceremonies are always announced prior to the event but not much detail is given. You will never know who will play before it starts as most things happen freely within the republic. These ceremonies are always guaranteed to be on the calendar as they are a tradition and what starts and ends the kaZantip party land festivities.

* New Years Eve Celebrations - Every July 31st in kaZantip is New Years Eve and will be celebrated by everyone getting dressed up. The usual 10-second countdown before midnight is chanted, the champagne flows and the kaZantip New Year is started in style.

* Fast Married - official weddings take place once a week in kaZantip in the tower to heaven. The marriage is only recognized in kaZantip but should last as long as the love lasts. No registration is need, just show up your love.

* The Yellow Case - free admission to kaZantip is obtained before the start of the summer, to those who register on the Russian web site (in Russian only) and answer a few quiz questions. Then they must travel to kaZantip with a yellow case, which they agree to carry around with them for the whole of their stay in kaZantip. This tradition began from an old Russian fairy tale in which a man made children happy by giving them sweets from a yellow case. The philosophy behind this is - if you make people happy in the republic of kaZantip, you too will experience happiness...

* Freak Parade - This parade happens once every year and is somewhat like the European stampede, but on a smaller scale. To be a part of the parade you must dress up funny or crazy and prance around through kaZantip with everyone else watching.

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