Irina's Holiday Home

This brand new 3-storey holiday home was built in 2009. It is located only 500 meters away from the beach and 450 meters to the venue of the Kazantip Festival.

The property meets Western standards of comfort, the rooms are freshly decorated with good taste, and with the guest's needs in mind, so that you can have a truly relaxing and pleasant stay! There is always a good number of international guests staying at the Irina's Holiday Home during the Kazantip Festival.

The Holiday Home offers 17 air-conditioned bedrooms of different capacity, with private or shared bathrooms, fridges. All the rooms are appointed with 2, 3 or 4 beds with quality mattresses and have essential furniture. Some rooms have private balconies. The Black Sea can be seen from the 3rd storey. An airy luxury suite (55 square meters) occupies the 4th storey. It has both a sea view and a view to Kazantip.

The first floor rooms have a small outdoor area that belongs to each room. Also, there is a tented outdoor guest area with satellite TV and tea facilities in the backyard behind the House. It is appointed with yard tables, seats, etc. There is a secure car parking in the backyard. Meals are served on request. Internet is available.

Rates in August 2012 (during the Kazantip Festival):

  Air - conditioning Bathroom till 2 Aug
& afrer 12 Aug
on 2-6 Aug,
9-12 Aug
on 6-9 Aug
Rooms on the 1st & 2nd storey: Yes Private $90 (2 persons)
$95 (3 persons)
$205 $150
Rooms on the 3rd storey: Yes Shared $70 (2 persons)
$75 (3 persons)
$150 $100 (2 persons)
$120 (3 persons)
Lux Suite on the 4th storey: A spacious, airy suite for VIP guests. Mansard. Air-conditioning. Two double beds. Sea view. $160 $300 $200

* Extended stay discounts available!

Object Location

Popovka/near Kazantip


Property Type: Vacation Home
Management By: Owner
Distance to KaZantip: 450 meters
Room Configuration: Bedrooms, VIP suite
Bathrooms: Shower cubicles
Beds: Single, double beds
Air-conditioning: Yes
Internet: Yes
Rates per night:
  * $70-$150 (3rd floor)
  * $90-$205 (1st & 2nd floors)
  * $160-$300 (Lux Suite)


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