Kazantip Safety Guide

When traveling, safety is always important. Where ever you go today - be it London, New York, Dubai or Kazantip, you need to be mindful of your immediate surroundings and to keep yourself out of harm's way. This applies to any city, large or small in the world where people congregate to have fun and enjoy life.

Whenever you go on holidays out of your country you should have travel insurance to cover your belongings and health insurance to cover you in case you become sick or are involved in an accident and need medical treatment. None of us want to get sick but sometimes it just happens that way, or you may be involved in someone else's accident and end up hurt.

At Kazantip foreigners are not targeted any more than locals but if you appear to be drunk or under the influence of drugs, then you are careless and hardly take care of your things, so you could be the target of pickpockets and thieves.

Usually while you are in the territory of Kazantip, you will not have a lot of trouble because the thieves will not buy a viZa to enter Kazantip but be careful when you are out as they may be mixing with the crowds and trying to steal cameras, mobile phones, money and valuable items you might have in your possession.

Never leave your wallet and other valuables unattended on the beach, not even in your hotel room when you go out. If money or valuables are left alone and are visible they may disappear when you are not looking. Keep them in a safe! It's not necessary that there will be a safe box in your room, but you can always take advantage of your hotel's safe. Most rentals in Popovka offer this service to their guests free of charge and we strongly recommend you to ask the hotel reception to place your valuables in the hotel safe.

Keep your money in your wallet and your wallet safe and out of sight. Don't let people know how much money you have on you and how much your fancy new mobile phone cost you as someone will be listening and wondering how it could disappear from your bag and end up in theirs. Always keep hold of your bags, cameras and personal belongings and keep them close to you so they can't be suddenly taken from you.

We know, you are keen to meet new people at Kazantip but be cautious of the new friends (and new girlfriends, too!) you just made. Do not take those "friends" into your hotel room if you have only just met them.

When you spend time at the beach, make sure someone is always around to look after your belongings. Leave as much as you can back in the hotel in safe keeping. Don't carry your passport unless you need to show it for some reason and then only show it to the people allowed to check it.

You might read somewhere that Kazantip is a drug fueled orgy, but this is not true. Drug taking is illegal in Ukraine so don't think that you won't get caught because you will. If you don't get caught by the police you might get caught by the thieves and pickpockets.

You can find further information that can help you inform and protect yourself on Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings issued by the U.S. State Department.

Be a smart traveler! Have a safe and fun trip to Kazantip!

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