Kazantip Girls, Love and Relationships at Kazantip

Love and 'Schastie'

'Schastie' is a word that is anchored in the heart of the kaZantip celebration - it means 'Happiness'. To be part of the celebration one must embrace it, feel it, love it and share it with everyone you meet. Daily sunset celebrations are a great time to share your love and schastie with the hearts and souls of the people who surround you. Schastie truly is the most important thing within the kaZantip party land.

GirlZ, GirlZ, GirlZ

Wow. The girlZ of kaZantip are like goddesses!! As the sun comes out and the day heats up, the tops come off and there are beautiful, tanned bodies covering the beach. It's easy to get lost in the sea of beautiful girls that surround you there. It is hard to compare anything to the stunning beauty of Russian and Ukrainian girls that flock to kaZantip to be free, relax, party, make love, dance in the sun and under the moon.

Love and Relationships

Easy rules and advices

* In the republic of kaZantip we come together to celebrate love.

* Love is free. There is never a fee to make love or give love.

* Always be polite to one another and respectful if someone says NO.

* Love knows no boundaries, boarders or limits.

* Love is a universal language spoken by all who enter kaZantip.

* NO fast or simple sex is allowed.(Sex hunters can be banned for life!)

* The use of brains and condoms is always recommended.

* If you do find real love you can always get fast married at kaZantip.

Fast Married

Weddings take place in the party land of kaZantip once a week. Individual or group ceremonies are done on the tower to heaven. Anyone can get married to whom ever they want (male or female) as often as they want during kaZantip. No registration is needed, just show up willing to lead your love down the path of happiness (schastie). The marriage is valid for as long as the loves last but be aware it's only officially recognized in the republic of kaZantip.

When in Doubt, Check it Out!

2 paragraphs from the constitution!

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