KaZantip occupies the beaches of Popovka, a small resort town set in the Crimea peninsula. If you love beaches, then you would like to know that the beaches found in this area is spotless and outrageously stunning. It is known to be the best out of the Crimean Coast. This area treats you with stunning view of sundown.

There are a few ways you may consider to get to KaZantip. They are:

  1. Fly to Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. When you touch down, hop on a taxi from the airport to Popovka. Bear in mind that you should be charged around $60.00 for the transfer. Either way is to hop on public transportation either a coach or train. This ride will take you about 3 hours. This is because you would need to switch transport halfway to Popovka. Our suggestion would be to confirm your flight to and from as soon as possible. This is because Simferopol is a seasonal holiday destination, you might just miss out on the opportunity of partying with us.
  2. You could take a train ride to Evpatoria, too. Once you reach Evpatoria, you can hop onto the public transport or a taxi and request them to take you to Popovka.
  3. Grab a map with instructions, rent a car and drive your way up to Crimea.

The festival itself is located on the outskirts of Popovka, right on the beach. In that area all roads lead to the festival site.

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