Kazantip 2015. What is expected?

Expect to have all of your senses in overdrive as you see, hear and feel the world in a way you never have, in a way that you may not even be able to explain...

Imagine listening to the music of the worlds most renowned DJs and feasting your eyes on some one the worlds most beautiful women, all while feeling your heart beat out of your chest as you dance suspended in space and time...

THIS IS KaZantip

At KaZantip Expect the Unexpected!

One thing is certain, and that is that the kaZantip government doesn't give out too many details about what will actually go on at kaZantip before it starts. So, what will you know before you go? Basically very little, expect for the fact that you will have the time of your life.


The Opening and Closing ceremony dates (both official and unofficial) are announced in advance as well as the New Years Eve Celebration.

So what are the Key Dates for KaZantip 2015?

(coming soon...)

Just for your information, here are the key dates of last year's Kazantip, also known as Z22:

31 July - Z New Years Party
03 August - Apotheosis/Opening
10 August - Apotheosis

28 November 2014: Recently, we have been receiving a growing volume of inquiries about the dates of Kazantip 2015. In fact, the Kazantip Republic has not yet confirmed the dates for 2015. Normally the festival begins in late July and lasts for 2-3 weeks. In 2015 it is expected to kick off somewhere between the 26th of July and the 31st of July but the exact schedule may not be known until February-March 2015. Thank you for your patience!

What Happens at The Opening and Closing Ceremonies?

Nothing is bigger or more celebrated then the start and the end of the amazing kaZantip Festival. Both ceremonies are centered on the main floor where the best DJs play for the Festival guests. The finales of both ceremonies are firework shows over the main floor that are choreographed to music and leave everyone full of energy, love and light.

KaZantip New Years

Since kaZantip is its own republic and time revolves around a different set of principles, it only makes sense that it would have its own New Years Eve party. KaZantips New Year happens every year on the 31st of July; everyone gets dressed up and as midnight rolls in, the champagne starts flowing and the year new begins in crazy kaZantip style.

Freak Parade

Just like the street parades that are famous in Europe, kaZantip has it own freak parade every week. If you want to be part of the parade madness you must dress up in a crazy, wild costume. If you don't bring something naughty enough you can always just enjoy the show as the freaks pass you by.

Yellow Suit Cases

You will definitely see some people carrying around yellow suitcases. Months before the start of kaZantip, these citiZens have registered on the Russian kaZantip website, answered numerous questions and won a free entrance. Then they must make and carry around their yellow cases the entire time.

Fast Married

Every Thursday at kaZantip lovers can get fast married in front of all their new friends and family. All the 'brides' get dressed up to take part in a festive and totally unique wedding ceremony.

Enjoy the unexpected and all it has to offer!

Although you may not know the dates or times that certain DJs will play before you arrive, once you arrive you'll be given all the info you'll need to know on a as needed basis. The most import thing is just to show up ready to experience everything kaZantip has to offer and a huge part of that is enjoying the unexpected...

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