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In order to get to Kazantip, first you need to get to Simferopol, which is the capital city of Crimea. Simferopol International Airport is the closest one to Kazantip. Once you get there, you are just 100 kilometers/60 miles from Kazantip. From Simferopol you pass through the towns of Saki and Evpatoria. The latter is only 25 km/15 mi away from Popovka where Kazantip is held.

You can drive from anywhere in Russia and Europe but - to tell the truth - the roads in Ukraine and Crimea are not as good as some of the highways in Europe you have been on.

If you are flying, get to Kiev first and then catch a flight to Simferopol and then take a bus or taxi to Popovka. You can also get to Simferopol by train and then take a bus or taxi to Popovka from the train station.

Saki (Saky). This is the oldest resort town in Crimea. It is famous for its spas and mud lakes. Lake Saki is known for its healing properties and there is a park full of exotic plants with paths, fountains and ponds with sculptures scattered throughout the park. Another attraction is an amusement park for the kids to enjoy with slides and waterfalls. Though Kazantip is not meant for kinds, the amusement park is a great place for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age.

Evpatoria (Yevpatoriya). This city is the closest big city to Popovka where Kazanip takes place and it is worth visiting while you are at Kazantip. Evpatoria is full of history and it boasts some impressive religious buildings and fine museums of local history. The Museum of the Crimean War is just one to mention. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED