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KaZantip Republic (also known as Orange Republic, Z Republic and KaZantip) is an annual international music festival held in Crimea. No doubt, it is the most well-known electronic and techno dance music event ever held in the whole ex-USSR. All styles of electronic and dance music is played at KaZantip - or, to be more accurate - on many KaZantip dancefloors over August. It is really a unique place where you can see top headliners from all over the world coming to appear as part of the party!

A number of side events are held under the umbrella of KaZantip as well:


The organizer of the festival is Zebra Youth Initiative Center, Ltd. In fact, a diverse international team of managers from more than 12 contries is invilved in the work under the project.


KaZantip was founded way back in 1993, and the first festival happened in 1998. It was organized by Nikita Marshunok, who is currently the President of the KaZantip Republic. The motto of the first KaZantip festival was the Main Summer Project. At first, the festival was located in the resort town of Schelkino, on the coast of the Azov Sea at the Kazantip Cape, which gave the name to the festival. The Kazantip Cape is known as an attraction to windsurfers. At that time thousands of youth got together to party on the beaches of the Azov Sea. To be more accurate, the festival occupied the area of the unfinished Nuclear Power Plant. In 2000 the festival moved to the resort town of Veseloye near the city of Sudak, and since 2001 it has been held in Popovka, 25 km away from Evpatoria, which is the closest big city to KaZantip.

The motto of KaZantip 2005 was "Next KaZantip will be held on Mars"

KaZantip 2006 was held since 15th July to 26th August 2006.

The dates of KaZantip 2007 were since 21st July to 26th August 2007. It was also called "Z:15" since actually it was the 15th year of the festival. In 2007 the festival widened its limits and an inner-fest called "Mars" was launched. The Mars idea had been discussed earlier, in 2005 but it was put into life two years later, during KaZantip 2007.

KaZantip 2008 was held since 26th July to 30th August 2008. The motto and concept of Z:16 was "New Life Form". The idea underlying Mars was furthered in 2008.

The pre-opening of KaZantip 2009 (Z:17) on 25th July was followed by the official opening party happened in a week, on 1st August. In 2009 the festival lasted to 21st August.

The last KaZantip 2010 (Z:18) kicked off on 31st July (pre-opening) and the official opening party took place on 6th August. Technically, the festival was over on 21st August with the exception of the Mars parties extended for one more week.


The festival symbol is a yellow suitcase. When it meets the criteria and the holder applies in advance, he is granted free admission to the venue of the Kazantip Festival. The idea of the yellow suitcase comes from the Soviet childrena_Ts movie "The Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase" filmed in 1970. In the movie, a doctor carries a yellow suitcase with magic sweets that he gives children to make them happy.

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