Prices & Costs at Kazantip :: How Much Money to Take to Kazantip?

Planning your budget before traveling to Kazantip is a good idea. Regardless of whether you are planning to stay for the entire period from the opening night till the last day or want to visit Kazantip only for a couple of days, you should have some pocket money spared to spend on food, drinks, entertainment, transportation etc. Time is money, right? In this case - literally. The longer you stay, the more you will want or have to spend. We will help you get a basic idea of the prices you should expect at Kazantip this year.


Kazantip is a large annual event and thus local bars and restaurants see it as a chance to increase prices for the time of the event. And they never miss a chance to do that! So be prepared to have your bank account a little bit exhausted by the time you come back home. If you are from the United States or Canada, be advised that even simple water is not going to be free of charge. A regular glass of water goes at €1, whereas soda drinks (Coke, Sprite, Fanta etc.) are sold at €2 and up apiece depending on the restaurant you go to. If you are into alcohol drinks, note that the cheapest price for a shot of vodka at Kazantip is €1,5-2 but if you like something more 'elegant', be ready to pay €3 and more per glass of wine or shot of Scotch, rum or whatever. By the way, the legal drinking age in Ukraine is 18 years old, and not 21 years old like in the United States. Regardless of how old you are, hopefully you are not the type of person who goes wild and aggressive after a glass or two!
To give you a better idea of prices, here are the average prices for:
- Cocktail (Mojito, Cosmopolitan, etc): €4-5
- Coffee: €1,5
- Beer: €1,5 - 2


Most hotels in Popovka serve meals and bar snacks to their guests. A regular breakfast will cost you approximately €4, while a lunch or dinner is around €6 each. Bear in mind that both food and drinks can be bought much cheaper at local stores and markets as compared with the prices in bars and restaurants at Kazantip. 'Well, I will save money on eating out by cooking myself' - you would think. Come on, who do you think you are fooling now? Trust us, with the turmoil of interesting events and breathtaking shows at Kazantip you will have absolutely no time for that!


When you land at Simferopol Airport, you will need to take a cab to Popovka. This is the easiest way to get there and very convenient, especially if you do not speak Russian or Ukrainian to mess with buses. The average fare is $80/one way. Popovka is a small village, so there is no any need to rent a car to get around there. By the way, it is kind of difficult to pay with credit card for many services in Ukraine, so take enough cash with you or withdraw at the nearest ATM once you arrive at the airport.


You will not find any large shopping mall or Disneyland in Popovka, but you may want to try paintball or wakeboarding. These kinds of fun would cost you approximately €25-30. The closest movie theater is in Evpatoria. You may expect to pay approximately €5-7 per ticket (popcorn not included). If you are going to use your credit card in Ukraine, make sure you take a currency conversion fee into account (Visa charge 2.5% per transaction). And don't forget to notify your bank that you will be using your card there, so you will not have your card blocked all of a sudden. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED