Just imagine for a moment an endless stretch of pristine beach framing a crystal clean, infinite sea surface and not a soul around... Such was the area of the world-wide know open-air KaZantip Festival when its founders stepped onto the beach for the first time, 21 years ago. They wanted other likeminded people could enjoy the wild beauty of the charming Crimean seaside and "built" the KaZantip Republic right on the sand. Now, in 21 years after KaZantip was launched, young people from all over the world, the hunters for happiness reunion every August on the coast of the Black Sea in Crimea. They believe, that dreams come true, that impossible is nothing and people have no limits and can fly.

The 21th rally of paradiZers will be held in this coming August 2013. Fantastic, diverse public: DJs, musicians, artists, photographers, sportsmen and just regular guys and girls looking for fun, freedom and self-expression will fill up the wide, golden beaches of Popovka, a small resort settlement in Crimea, southern Ukraine.

Are you wondering what KaZantip is like? It is the copulation of day and night, both Ibiza and Amsterdam of Eastern Europe, land of freedom and the way leading to paradise. It is the lost world and the fifth, unknown season of the year. It's a reflection of a dawn on the shoulder of a beautiful girl appearing from the sea accompanied by music. In a few words, KaZantip is happiness which will stay with you forever.

Although it is a Republic with no borders, it has its own President and Government. This is a fable and the right place for a breathtaking getaway. KaZantip is an ocean of emotions, a round-the-clock beach-party with the pressure of many kilowatts of sound power and amazing light effects, charging everybody and all around with happiness. It is non-stop music, fun and love on the beach, and overnight parties in the open air. Make new friends, meet a girl of your dreams, loose your mind, forget about everything , just keep driving into a frenzy! If you survive KaZantip, it will stay with you forever as a vivid, unforgettable recollection...

KaZantip is an absolute delight for party lovers. It offers 10 dance floors for thousands of electronic music fans and club-goers from all over the world. A massive influx of international visitors is another specific of KaZantip. You can hear a mix of Russian, English, German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish ...and God knows what other languages here. Many return every year. Consider yourself invited for KaZantip 2013. Pursue the adventure of your dreams!

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