Day at Kazantip: From Dawn to Dusk

Let's assume that you have already arrived in Ukraine and now it is time to start having fun at Kazantip. What do you do? A regular day in Popovka starts at 12 AM, or later in the afternoon for most people, depending on when you went to bed the previous day. Actually no kidding. You may want to wake up later to be full of energy when the sun goes down as the most interesting and exciting part begins at night.

The first thing you will need to learn when you arrive to the Republic of Kazantip is time of the day. It slightly differs from what you are used to. From 11 AM to 8 PM it is the daytime, 8 PM to 11 PM it's an early night, and 11 PM till 11 AM the next day this is a long, but amazing nighttime when so many fun things happen.

During the day everyone is having a good time at the Kazantip beach. It is a 1000-foot long seashore line with a number of bars, restaurants and dance floors. Every dance floor has its own name, theme, unique design and music. You will always feel the atmosphere of the holiday in the air and it will stay with you even when you go swimming, as in the water and even under the water you still can hear the music.

When the sun goes down ... do you think it's time to go home? Never! You came to Kazantip to have as much good time as possible, didn't you? Go gather with other people at the pontoon bridge. You might hear of the stunning sunset views over the sea that you absolutely must see while at Kazantip. Everyone would sit together and watch the famous sunset. Kind of romantic. It is a good chance if you want to try yourself as a womanizer as feelings are promised to be unforgettable. Yeah, about that. You will meet a lot of hot girls and boys at Kazantip at night and if you are brave enough, you can try your luck in making new friends. You never know what is waiting for you.

When the sunset-watching ceremony is over, everybody usually goes back to their hotel to take a short nap and rest a little bit before going back on track at night. Starting from 11 PM the beach turns into a huge and bright arena with lots of neon, laser shows and dancing bartenders pouring drinks of any kind. There will be at least 4-5 stages and dance floors with upbeat dance music performed by some of the world's top DJs. Usually the great amphitheater is also being opened so the music could be transmitted to each and every corner of the Kazantip Republic and beyond. Not everyone can withstand dancing non-stop all night long till the morning comes. But be prepared for that since at 11 o'clock in the morning the following day you should be up and ready to party again. You knew what you signed up for, right? - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED