Simferopol Rentals

If you have finally decided to go to Kazantip this year, you need to decide where you are going to live. You have already read about several options to live at in Popovka, but if your budget is rather limited or you just want to save money for something else, you may want to consider other cities to live in. Cities that are close to where Kazantip takes place. Simferopol the heart of the Crimean peninsula is one of such cities. Actually this is going to be the first Ukrainian city you will see as soon as your plane lands at Simferopol International Airport.


As everywhere else in the world, except for surely some of completely uncivilized countries, staying in apartments for rent is much more reasonable than staying at a hotel room. In Ukraine this principle works too. All of a sudden and to everyone's surprise. Rent an apartment in Simferopol is cheap and you get much more at that price than you expect. Starting from $29 a night ($35-40 on average) you can move in a fully equipped apartment with 1-2 bedrooms, large and comfortable bed, kitchen and laundry appliances, and even free Wi-Fi if you are lucky! Well, usually you are. Moreover, if you rent for a month and not per night, you can expect huge discounts and you will be able to find some apartments at just $500 per month. Nothing like that you would find at any hotel. Though the only drawback of direct rental of apartments is the fact that you need to get your butt off the chair and find housing yourself. Travel agency is not going to do that for you. However with the help of the Internet it is rather easy to find people willing to provide you their apartments for rent. Another 'but' goes here. If you do not speak Russian or Ukrainian, it can be a little bit more complicated, but not impossible.

Leave hotels alone. Try Simferopol's apartments:,com_lodg/Itemid,51/act,cat/task,showCE/id,1/ Renting an apartment you will find coziness and comfort along with all amenities you need for everyday living while staying in a hotel you will always feel not like home. Plus think of prices. Staying in an apartment is much cheaper. Not even speaking that most apartments are located in the city center where most (and only) sightseeing places, such as Lenin Square and Scythian Neapolis, are situated. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED